It’s been a long, difficult year for many, but the promise of fall break is just around the corner. Florida is one of the most popular destination spots for fall breakers, especially for those on the Eastern Seaboard, because of its warm beaches, cool breezes, and wide variety of water sports and excursions. At Atlantic Beach Clubs II, we know you and your family are itching for an escape and we’ve got three reasons why Florida is the perfect getaway.

3 Reasons to Visit Florida on Fall Break

1. The Food

There’s no better time than vacation to break away from your daily routine, and that includes your diet. Traveling to a new place grants you the opportunity to try new foods and local cuisine that you wouldn’t normally get to taste. While visitors often get distracted by the gorgeous coastline beaches and theme park attractions, it is important not to overlook the unique dining experiences that only Florida can provide. From sweet key lime pie to fresh shrimp and smoked fish, Florida offers visitors a variety of delicacies.

2. The Excursions

Florida houses nearly a dozen monuments, national parks, and beaches. Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventure, history, nature, or roller coasters, Florida has the excursion for you. From Harry Potter World and the Disney Parks to the white sand beaches of Key West, there’s bound to be an enjoyable excursion for every one of your family members.

3. Water Sports

From jet skiing and parasailing to snorkeling and kayaking, there’s a watersport in Florida for every thrill seeker in your group. Anyone who enjoys the wind in his or her hair, the salt in the air, and the open ocean, will have a blast on a jet ski. Another alternative is a banana boat ride, a unique adventure that is great for large groups, as it can seat up to 12 passengers and runs for 20 minutes. You really can’t go wrong with any opportunity to be out on the water enjoying views of the shoreline, and you might even encounter one of our area’s friendly dolphins along the way.

Fall break is the perfect excuse to escape to Florida and experience all the that the Sunshine State has to offer. Atlantic Beach Clubs in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, has everything you need to do it right. We’re the area’s top provider of watersport rentals. When you’re ready to book your rental, contact us at (954) 543-2938.