Few experiences can compare to the freedom that is felt while gliding along the water on an Atlantic Beach Clubs jet ski rental in Fort Lauderdale. However, there are some rules to follow when operating these powerful pieces of machinery. Today, we’ll discuss some tips to keep you and your family safe while enjoying the many splendors that come with renting a jet ski.

Jet Ski Safety

1. Know and Use Precautions

For some jet skis, this means that a lanyard that is placed around the wrist, attaching you to the handlebars of the watercraft. Often referred to as a kill cord, the string activates a kill switch when the operator goes overboard, thus deactivating your ride. Without a kill cord, your jet ski could continue to operate with no one in control, and potentially hurt someone else in the process.

2. Don’t Drink and Jet Ski

Conventional wisdom says that drinking alcohol and operating heavy duty machinery is a fatal mixture. Keep yourself and other aquatic adventurers safe by saving the alcoholic beverages for after your day on the water. Of course, the same rules apply if you’re a passenger. Intoxication for anyone involved is a dangerous distraction.

3. Drive Responsibly

It may be enticing to jump boat wakes with your jet ski, but don’t tempt fate. Wakes can grow so large that it may be impossible to see what’s on the other side. Blindly cutting across wakes and into the air could lead to landing on a child, other jet skiers, or dangerous obstacles lurking beneath the water’s surface.

Follow these guidelines, and stay safe on the water with your Atlantic Beach Clubs jet ski rental. For safe and stylish jet ski, waverunner, or banana boat rentals in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the surrounding areas, contact Atlantic Beach Clubs today at (954) 543-2938. Our premium water sport rentals are the ideal way to enjoy an exhilarating, stress-free vacation surrounded by Florida’s world-famous scenery.