A Florida vacation isn’t complete without exploring the vibrant coastline. Snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale is a great way to explore the Florida coral reef, which is teeming with exotic and beautiful life. Whether you need snorkel gear or you’re interested in a kayak rental in Lauderdale by the sea, Atlantic Beach Clubs has got your covered. We provide our clients with the latest in snorkeling equipment, as well as great rental boats and the lowest prices that you’ll find. If you’re ready to book your next Florida adventure, call us today at 954-376-3770, and read on for some of the animals you might find during your snorkel tour.

1. Massive Starlet Coral 

The massive starlet coral is often boulder-shaped and is home to countless varieties of fish and plants on the reef. It grows at a very slow rate and can live for hundreds of years.

2. Horse Conch 

Horse conchs are extremely large predatory sea snails, though they are not actually true conchs. They also happen to be the largest gastropod in American waters, and you’re unlikely to forget spotting one on your snorkel adventure. 

3. Spiny Lobster 

Though spiny lobsters resemble true lobsters, they are not actually too closely related. Unlike true lobsters, spiny lobsters have long, thick antennae extending from their heads, and they don’t have claws in front of their walking legs.

4. Snow Crab 

If you see snow crabs during your snorkel tour, you may feel uneasy about eating this majestic creature later that evening. Snow crabs are large and clumsy on the sand, but they’re incredibly nimble underwater, and you may see one gliding gracefully along searching for its prey.

5. Green Sea Turtle 

Green sea turtles are large, lightly colored turtles that are mostly herbivorous. They migrate quite a distance between their hatching beaches and feeding grounds, giving rise to “turtle islands” dotting coastal areas, which is where they lay their eggs. Be sure to bring a waterproof camera on your snorkel trip because you’ll want to capture the memory if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a green sea turtle.

Don’t Forget A Kayak Rental In Lauderdale By The Sea 

For as much beauty as there is to behold under the ocean, the Florida coastline is magnificent above the water, as well. If you’re interested in a kayak rental in Lauderdale by the sea after your snorkeling trip, we’ve got you covered. All of our kayak rentals come with life preservers and paddles. Whether you want to go snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale or spend a relaxing afternoon paddling around, Atlantic Beach Clubs can take care of all of your water sport needs. Call us today at 954-376-3770 for reservations.