The coastline of Fort Lauderdale offers some of the very best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world. The primary reason that the coast is so attractive to divers is the quantity and variety of reefs available for exploration. There are two natural reefs in 15 feet of water (or less) just 100 to 300 yards from the shore.  In addition to these natural wonders, Broward County has constructed more than 90 artificial reefs that include sunken ships and limestone structures.

The 7 fantastic aspects of these diving attractions:

1) The biodiversity found in the reefs of South Florida is simply astounding as the tropical species of fish change with migrations throughout the year. 2) The immediate proximity of the diving attractions to Fort Lauderdale means that the trip to your first dive site can be as short as one-quarter mile. 3)  Excellent diving conditions are provided by the clear, warm Gulf Stream all year ‘round. 4) The extensive array of reefs and shipwrecks is unmatched in the continental United States. 5) The hotel and cottage accommodations in Fort Lauderdale offer a stay for every budget. 6) The beauty of traveling to South Florida to dive is the easy accessibility.  There are three international airports, a multitude of highways and even train stations to get here. 7) In 2004, Scuba Diving Magazine rated Southeast Florida in the world’s top 10 diving destinations. To learn more about diving in Fort Lauderdale, visit Atlantic Beach Clubs or Call 954-376-3770.