Why Vacationers Love Jet Ski Rentals

When you take a vacation, you plan to have a good time. The whole point of a vacation is to take a break and escape the stress of everyday life. So it’s not hard to see why jet ski rentals are so popular among beach vacationers. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your vacation with some on-the-water fun, a jet ski rental from Atlantic Beach Clubs II in Ft. Lauderdale is the perfect place to start!

How to Make the Most of Your Spring Break

After months of cold temperatures, snow removal, and evenings spent by the fire, you’re probably craving some warm temperatures. Though spring technically begins in March, it may still be a while before we start to see those rising temperatures. Instead of waiting around for spring, get some much-needed reprieve from the harsh winter by booking your spring break vacation in Florida. A week spent enjoying the warm weather in Fort Lauderdale can give you the strength to endure the last blast of winter, and your friends at Atlantic Beach Clubs II have all the tips to make sure you get the most out of it.

Give the Gift of Adventure This Year

Christmastime is here again! And, once again, you’re left with zero good gift ideas for your kids. You know they won’t be excited to open boxes of clothes on Christmas morning, but they’re getting too old for most toys. Plus, you really don’t need more stuff taking up space in your home. Fear not, our team at Atlantic Beach Clubs II has the perfect gift idea for your kids this year – adventure! Instead of spending money on things they don’t really need, put that money toward a family trip to Florida complete with a jet ski or banana boat rental. It will be a Christmas they’ll never forget!

3 Reasons to Visit Florida for Fall Break

It’s been a long, difficult year for many, but the promise of fall break is just around the corner. Florida is one of the most popular destination spots for fall breakers, especially for those on the Eastern Seaboard, because of its warm beaches, cool breezes, and wide variety of water sports and excursions. At Atlantic Beach Clubs II, we know you and your family are itching for an escape and we’ve got three reasons why Florida is the perfect getaway.

Beach Safety for Kids

Going to the beach with young kids is a great bonding experience for families. Your kids will make memories that they will remember for years to come. However, the beach does come with its fair share of hazards, including jellyfish, sunburns, and water toys. Our team at Atlantic Beach Clubs II has put together a list of tips to keep families safe at the beach.

3 Tips to Plan Your Family Vacation

Family vacations are a wonderful way to get away and build memories with the ones you love most. However, planning such vacations can sometimes cause unwanted stress and take away from the experience. At Atlantic Beach Clubs, we understand that you want to plan the perfect Florida beach vacation with your family, and we’re here to help with these three tips.

How to Safely Jump Waves on a Waverunner

When you set out on a waverunner ride, you expect to encounter some waves – after all, it’s in the name. However, if you’re a beginner, jumping the waves isn’t quite as easy as it looks on TV. In fact, it can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. To properly jump the waves on your waverunner rental, you’ll need focus, know-how, and the right vehicle. To get the most out of your waverunner rental, you can count on your friends at Atlantic Beach Clubs II of Fort Lauderdale, FL, to set you up.

Jet Ski Safety Tips: Riding with a Child

Families all over the country make the trip to Florida to escape the cold and make some beach memories together. With that comes lots of beach fun, including water sports. One of the most popular water sports at Atlantic Beach Clubs is, of course, jet skiing! Families love taking out a jet ski and enjoying time together on the waves. However, there are some guidelines you need to know before hitting the water.

3 Benefits of the Beach

Have you ever heard someone say “Oh my gosh, I just got back from the a day at the beach and it was horrible, now I’m more stressed than ever!”? We haven’t either. Our team at Atlantic Beach Clubs knows what most humans know, and that is that we naturally gravitate toward the beach to experience some of the most enjoyable natural features that the earth has to offer. And while we may not be able to pinpoint the exact reasons why we feel so happy and relaxed after a day at the beach, we know that it truly does have many positive effects on humans. Here are three for you to consider!

3 Tips for Staying Safe on a Jet Ski

Few experiences can compare to the freedom that is felt while gliding along the water on an Atlantic Beach Clubs jet ski rental in Fort Lauderdale. However, there are some rules to follow when operating these powerful pieces of machinery. Today, we’ll discuss some tips to keep you and your family safe while enjoying the many splendors that come with renting a jet ski.