Florida is home to one of the highest ranked beaches to collect seashells at in the entire world, Sanibel Island. Just west of Fort Lauderdale, this is a great beach to spend the day diving for seashells off of a boat rental. Not only is there the beautiful Sanibel Island beach, but also a quaint commercial section and Sanibel Lighthouse. You can either arrive in boat rental or cross the ocean on the Sanibel Causeway. There is a small dining and shopping district for those that don’t wish to spend the entire visit seashell searching.

Seashell Hunting On Sanibel Island

If you are however visiting with the intent on seashell hunting, we’ve got the best places to find them. You’ll want to check out the east-west torque of Sanibel Island’s south end. This end acts like a shovel by scooping up all the seashells the Gulf imports from both the Caribbean and other southern seas. You’ll want to shell at low tide when the seashells are more out in the open, especially at low spring tides (full and new moons) and after storms have brought in an abundance of shells to the shore. Shells you will discover include conch, sand dollars, junonia, lightning whelk, cockle, scallops, murex, tulip, olive, conquina, and more! People come from all over the world to hunt shells at Sanibel Island. Each March there is even a shell collectors get together during the Sanibel Shell Fair. You’ll find many shells that have been made into island decorations and boutique gifts you can take home with you. Besides shelling Sanibel Island is a great place to spend the day enjoying all the benefits a beach and boat rental has to offer, such as fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. You can either spend a day here or stay overnight at one of the resorts, small inns, or cottages. If you are looking for a place to reserve a boat rental in the Fort Lauderdale area, look no further than Atlantic Beach Clubs. Atlantic Beach Clubs has one of the largest selections of boat rentals in Florida including ski boat rentals, deck boat rentals, and fishing boat rentals, they even offer boat rides and tours. When you take into account our variety of boat rentals along with our competitive rental rates, we are the finest boat rental company to rent from in Fort Lauderdale. Contact us at 954-376-3770 for more information on our boat rentals.