Say Yes to a Girls’ Adventure before the Big Day!

Summer is in the air, and everyone is gearing up for wedding season. Running from May to October, wedding fever is here! Before you say I do, it’s time for one last single lady blow out with your besties. Gear up for a weekend you’ll never forget with a bachelorette party in the heart of Fort Lauderdale Beach. Let Atlantic Beach Clubs II supply the adventure while you make the memories with watersports this summer.

Escape the Winter Weather with a Spring Break Trip to Florida

Are your surroundings filled with snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures? The deep chill felt throughout much of the United States has everyone bracing themselves for a long, cold winter. It’s times like these that make us truly appreciative of the reprieve that is coming this spring. Meanwhile, a southbound trip can provide a much-needed break from the cold weather. At Atlantic Beach Clubs II, we invite you to join us in Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break 2018!

Boating Tips For Family Outings

Going out for a boating day trip is a great way to involve the whole family in a fun activity and spend a day enjoying the outdoors during your vacation. Ensure that your day in the sun is safe and memorable with these tips for family boating outings in Fort Lauderdale. Focusing on boat safety before your even leave the dock is priority number one. Reminding your children about certain safety precautions when boating is important. Make sure that all family members, and especially younger ones, know to keep hands and feet inside the moving boat and to keep the weight balanced on each side of the vessel. Also, making sure that there are enough life jackets onboard and strapping all children under 6 into the mandatory safety aid will keep emergencies at bay. Making the trip enjoyable is important, too. Packing a cooler with snacks and drinks will help … Continued

Snorkeling Is A Fun, Easy And Accessible Way To Enjoy A Day In Fort Lauderdale

Beneath the sea, there is a world that not many people get to experience, a world of colorful fish and vibrant sea life. Unusual creatures abound in the shadows, and there is always something amazing to experience. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of expensive gear and training to see it. Boat Rides And Other Exciting Activities In Fort Lauderdale Snorkeling is a fun, easy and affordable way to enjoy being under the sea, and Atlantic Beach Clubs can provide you with everything you need to get started. For a fun day of snorkeling or boat rides in Fort Lauderdale, Call Us At 954-376-3770 Today! Even if you’re not a great swimmer, you can still enjoy snorkeling. All you need to do is put on the gear, lie down in the water and enjoy the beautiful view. It’s a fun time that a lot of people can enjoy, young or … Continued

While in Fort Lauderdale, Check out Pompano Beach!

As a next-door neighbor to Ft Lauderdale, Pompano Beach is one of Florida‘s exciting beach destinations. Pompano Beach offers you the chance to kick back, unwind, and to let all your stress melt away in the warm Florida sun. You can rest assured your Florida beach experience will be a positive one, as Pompano Beach is one of the several beautiful Florida beaches that adheres to the Florida Beach Ethics that promote good health, clean beaches and respect for each other and the environment.