Ring in the New Year in Fort Lauderdale

The holiday season is in full swing, and it’s a race to the finish with decorating, baking, and shopping galore! Take a moment to reward yourself with rest and relaxation this New Year. Surprise your family with a getaway to sunny Florida to ring in the New Year! At Atlantic Beach Clubs II in Fort Lauderdale, diversion is our specialty with watersports. Closeout 2017 by riding off into the sunset on a boat, kayak, or jet ski rental. After the race to the finish from Thanksgiving to Christmas, you deserve a relaxing New Year’s vacation. Visit our Downtown Countdown in Fort Lauderdale to recharge and restart this New Year’s Eve.

Checking Off Bucket List Items in Fort Lauderdale

Do you feel like you’re constantly running errands that never end? Amid the sea of “to-do” lists, it’s important to make sure that your true passions aren’t pushed to the back burner. Creating a bucket list brings your personal life goals into focus. Take a moment out of your busy day to write down once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’d like to entertain. Then, it’s time to execute with Atlantic Beach Clubs II. Our passion is turning watersport dreams into reality. Let us help you check items off of your bucket list today!  

School’s Out! Time for Family Fun on the Water

Well, summer vacation is officially here for many kids across the U.S., and we all know what that means—lots of summer sunshine and fun on the water! Long, lazy days filled with quality time on boats, jet skis, paddleboards, and more. Our team at Atlantic Beach Clubs II understands what summer means to kids and teens, and we love providing the boats and gear needed to make lifetime memories. If you’re considering getting your recently-“freed” kids on the water, keep reading!

Enjoy the Last Days of Summer with Some Fun Watersports

With Florida experiencing one of the hottest summer seasons in recent memory, most days have temperatures peaking in the triple digits with the heat index. With these temperatures sometimes lounging by the pool or taking a trip to your local beach may not be enough to cool you off, it then becomes difficult to enjoy the beautiful beaches that occupy Florida. While lounging on the beach we’re sure that you’ve seen numerous people enjoying this weather on jet skis, banana boats and other water toys. Don’t have a jet ski or a boat? Contact Boat Rentals Fort Lauderdale where we have a large selection of jet skis, boats, kayaks for rent along with fun activities including snorkeling, parasailing, and banana boat rides. We have been providing Floridians, both permanent and temporary with rentals for 14 years, Contact Us Now!

Sign Up For a Membership Today

Atlantic Beach Club Memberships With summer officially beginning in South Florida it usually means one thing – bring on the heat! Why not take advantage of our beautiful beaches and waters by taking part in outdoor water activities? Obtaining a membership to our beach clubs will grant you a discounted rental rate for all of our watersport vehicle rentals. Because our Fort Lauderdale locations offer one of the largest varieties of jet ski and boat rentals on the beach, we are the place to go when you want to head out to the Atlantic Ocean quickly! The costs of owning a jet ski or boat are so exorbitant it makes sense to rent. We have a variety of options when it comes to membership rates that are very appealing. Call to learn more about our boat rental and jet ski rental membership benefits!

Florida Named One of the States with Best Weather All Year Round

While the rest of the country is saying goodbye to summer and preparing themselves for the cooler climate that fall brings, Florida continues to enjoy year round warm climate. Currentresults.com published an article that lists Florida as the fifth (out of 10) state that has the best weather all year round.  In order to qualify for the top ten, states must have comfortable temperatures for at least seven months a year, low rainfall with no more than 60 inches a year, and mainly clear skies with sunshine 60% of the year. If you are visiting the sunshine state, Atlantic Beach Clubs offers several water activities to enjoy in the heart of Fort Lauderdale year round. You can pick from parasailing, snorkeling, or kayaking amongst others. If you are a local and love being out in the water, consider our Jet Ski and boat rental memberships!

3 Items You Should Take On Your Boating Day Trip

When planning to spend a long day out on a fishing boat, it is important to pack the right gear and accessories to ensure a fun, safe trip. Pre-planning what to wear and what to take on your trip will make your boating experience much more enjoyable. What Should You Bring On Your Boat Rental? 1. A Cooler Fishing is a lot of fun, but like any other activity, it can take a lot of energy. Being in the sun and reeling in your catch of the day will require extra calories and hydration, so bringing a cooler to store water and snacks in will come in handy. Additionally, you can use the cooler to store your fish in after your day trip is complete.  2. Sun Protectants The sun reflecting off of the water can cause you to easily burn when out on your trip. Even the most bronzed beauties need … Continued

Rent A Boat For Your Next Celebration

Summer is all about spending time in the sun on vacation and enjoying the season with friends and family. This summer, if you or someone you love has a birthday, a bachelor/bachelorette party or vacation reunion for a group of friends planned, there is no better way to spend your special day than out at sea. Renting a deck boat for a special celebration is easy, affordable and makes the occasion that much more fun and memorable. There’s no reason for you to wait in crowded restaurants and bars to celebrate when you and your group can be out at sea singing happy birthday as loud as you want from the seclusion of your own private deck boat. Make a day of it and pack your swim gear, along with a cooler for a picnic lunch and spend a day outside enjoying the beautiful Fort Lauderdale weather and memorializing a … Continued

Boating Tips For Family Outings

Going out for a boating day trip is a great way to involve the whole family in a fun activity and spend a day enjoying the outdoors during your vacation. Ensure that your day in the sun is safe and memorable with these tips for family boating outings in Fort Lauderdale. Focusing on boat safety before your even leave the dock is priority number one. Reminding your children about certain safety precautions when boating is important. Make sure that all family members, and especially younger ones, know to keep hands and feet inside the moving boat and to keep the weight balanced on each side of the vessel. Also, making sure that there are enough life jackets onboard and strapping all children under 6 into the mandatory safety aid will keep emergencies at bay. Making the trip enjoyable is important, too. Packing a cooler with snacks and drinks will help … Continued

3 Ways You Can Explore Florida With A Boat Rental In Fort Lauderdale

A trip to southern Florida isn’t complete without spending some time on the water. Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating ride in the ocean waves or a relaxing afternoon sunbathing on a warm deck, there’s a boat rental in Fort Lauderdale for you and your family’s pleasure. Atlantic Beach Clubs has been renting boats and jet skis to Floridians and vacationers alike for 14 years now. We have a large variety of boats to choose from, and, if you rent from us, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether that’s adventure or some R and R. If you’re interested in a deck boat rental in Fort Lauderdale, call us today at 954-376-3770! 1. Deck Boat Rental in Fort Lauderdale Deck boats are a perfect choice if you want to explore the vast ocean surrounding southern Florida. They can seat 13 or more people comfortably, so bring along your whole … Continued