5 Family-Friendly Activities in Fort Lauderdale

While Florida has countless attractions and amenities for the locals and tourists alike, there can never be enough activities to keep the kids busy while on vacation. Fort Lauderdale is a great vacation spot for families with its sandy beaches, parks, kid-friendly restaurants, and walking/biking trails. Your friends at Atlantic Beach Clubs II recommend these must-do activities that are fun for the whole family. 

Learn to Walk on Water with Stand Up Paddleboarding

Spring is here, and you’re ready to embrace the season and learn something new. The open water is the perfect venue to try your hand at watersports. Feel the speed, power, and style of jet skis and boats. Glide across the water in a kayak. Better yet, be adventurous and relaxed while paddleboarding. Check out each of these options and more at the premier watersport destination at Atlantic Beach Clubs II in Fort Lauderdale.

Escape the Winter Weather with a Spring Break Trip to Florida

Are your surroundings filled with snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures? The deep chill felt throughout much of the United States has everyone bracing themselves for a long, cold winter. It’s times like these that make us truly appreciative of the reprieve that is coming this spring. Meanwhile, a southbound trip can provide a much-needed break from the cold weather. At Atlantic Beach Clubs II, we invite you to join us in Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break 2018!

Ring in the New Year in Fort Lauderdale

The holiday season is in full swing, and it’s a race to the finish with decorating, baking, and shopping galore! Take a moment to reward yourself with rest and relaxation this New Year. Surprise your family with a getaway to sunny Florida to ring in the New Year! At Atlantic Beach Clubs II in Fort Lauderdale, diversion is our specialty with watersports. Closeout 2017 by riding off into the sunset on a boat, kayak, or jet ski rental. After the race to the finish from Thanksgiving to Christmas, you deserve a relaxing New Year’s vacation. Visit our Downtown Countdown in Fort Lauderdale to recharge and restart this New Year’s Eve.

Checking Off Bucket List Items in Fort Lauderdale

Do you feel like you’re constantly running errands that never end? Amid the sea of “to-do” lists, it’s important to make sure that your true passions aren’t pushed to the back burner. Creating a bucket list brings your personal life goals into focus. Take a moment out of your busy day to write down once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’d like to entertain. Then, it’s time to execute with Atlantic Beach Clubs II. Our passion is turning watersport dreams into reality. Let us help you check items off of your bucket list today!  

School’s Out! Time for Family Fun on the Water

Well, summer vacation is officially here for many kids across the U.S., and we all know what that means—lots of summer sunshine and fun on the water! Long, lazy days filled with quality time on boats, jet skis, paddleboards, and more. Our team at Atlantic Beach Clubs II understands what summer means to kids and teens, and we love providing the boats and gear needed to make lifetime memories. If you’re considering getting your recently-“freed” kids on the water, keep reading!

Enjoy the Last Days of Summer with Some Fun Watersports

With Florida experiencing one of the hottest summer seasons in recent memory, most days have temperatures peaking in the triple digits with the heat index. With these temperatures sometimes lounging by the pool or taking a trip to your local beach may not be enough to cool you off, it then becomes difficult to enjoy the beautiful beaches that occupy Florida. While lounging on the beach we’re sure that you’ve seen numerous people enjoying this weather on jet skis, banana boats and other water toys. Don’t have a jet ski or a boat? Contact Boat Rentals Fort Lauderdale where we have a large selection of jet skis, boats, kayaks for rent along with fun activities including snorkeling, parasailing, and banana boat rides. We have been providing Floridians, both permanent and temporary with rentals for 14 years, Contact Us Now!

Ten Best Kayaking Locations in South Florida

In Florida, we have numerous beaches that offer great spots to launch your kayak and get lost in the moment of serenity and peace. A kayak can take you on a personal journey as soon as you push away from land, dip your paddle into the water and take that first stroke as kayaking has become increasingly popular as it brings you that much to nature. For the more adventurous kayakers Florida has some excellent kayaking spots with interesting waterways and appealing scenery. Check Out the Kayaking Spots Here Kayak rentals in Fort Lauderdale Atlantic Beach Clubs offers affordable prices for thrilling activities in Fort Lauderdale. If you are considering going kayaking, parasailing or are looking for suggestions about other fun water activities, call us today at 954-376-3770.

Sea Lion Finds Its Valentine

A family in California spent their Valentine’s Day enjoying a relaxing day kayaking in the Santa Barbara harbor when they recognized that they had an extra passenger on board. A wild sea lion had come onboard for the ride and after a few moments of shock and apprehension due to the sea lion being a wild animal, the family welcomed the new passenger as the sea lion began to interact with the family and become friendly. It was quite the scene on shore as onlooker gathered to see the friendly sea lion that was named Cecil but he slipped back into the water and disappeared after the crowd gathered. Read the full story and watch the video here Kayak rentals in Fort Lauderdale Atlantic Beach Clubs offers affordable prices for thrilling activities in Fort Lauderdale. If you are considering going kayaking, parasailing or are looking for suggestions about other fun water activities, call … Continued

First Woman to complete Florida’s Saltwater Paddling Trail

Just last summer Mary Mangiapia was celebrating achieving her master’s degree from University of South Florida, today she is now the first woman to complete Florida’s saltwater paddling trail which starts at Pensacola and ends at Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach and cover the entire coast of Florida. The Journey The complete 1,500-mile journey took Mary three months to complete while being equipped with 130lbs of equipment that ranged from camping gear to safety equipment such as flares and a hypothermia kit. She experienced the full extent of Florida’s diverse environment as she traveled pass the areas that were urban along with the wild area that had acres of protected coastal lands, all while braving waves that reached height of up to 10-feet. Originally planned to be a solo trip, but during her three month journey she was often accompanied by other marine life or kayakers. Her travel … Continued