Palm Beach County Experiences a Shark Infestation

Thousands of sharks were spotted only a stone’s throw away from the beach of Palm Beach County. Dr. Stephen Kajiura, a FAU biological sciences professor, captured a video from bird’s eye view that shows thousands of grey dots in the water representing sharks. The sharks in question are known as grey tips. They grow up to 8ft in size and weigh in the range of 66-220 pounds. This type of shark has not led to any fatalities, but they are responsible for the majority of shark bites in Florida. It’s not uncommon for them to be found in shallow waters of beaches, coral reefs, estuaries and bays. During the summer months they migrate to cooler waters in the Massachusetts and Cape Cod areas. But there are some that prefer to remain in the warm equatorial waters all year-round. The video was a routine shoot that covers the migration of sharks … Continued

Judges Who Will Participate At The 2016 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Awards

The judges who will be examining the 77 product entries this year has been decided upon by The National Marine Manufacturers Association and Boating Writers International. There will be 8 judges for the awards, and they are as follows: Zuzana Prochazka: a photographer and traveling journalist in the boating industry with more than 20 years of experience. Alan Wendt: Boating Writers International president who has been a judge for 15 years. Also a freelance writer, consultant and event organizer in the boating industry. Frank Lanier: 35 years of experience in the diving and marine industry. Currently works as a SAMS-Accredited Marine Surveyor. Marilyn Mower: A marine journalist of 30+ years. Lenny Rudow: has been in the marine industry for over 20 years and operates the biggest online boating websites. Lawrence Husick: a freelancer writer, patent attorney, entrepreneur and cruising sailor. A marine industry veteran who has a lot of experience. … Continued

New Bill Aims to Encourage Boating Safety

A new bill aims to protect lives by implementing boating safety measures in Florida after two young boys went missing at sea a few months ago. Florida Senator Jon Negron teamed up with state Rep. MaryLynn Magar, and one of the father’s who’s young son went missing, to devise a bill that would offer a 25% discount on annual registration fees to boaters who purchase an emergency locator devise known as a beacon. Read the full article here. Contact Us! Contact Boat Rentals Fort Lauderdale today where we have a large selection of jet skis,boats and kayaks for rent along with fun activities including snorkeling, parasailing, and banana boat rides. We have been providing Floridians, both permanent and temporary with rentals for 14 years, Contact Us Now!

Team USA For The Win!

Great news for you canoe and kayak lovers out there! The 2015 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships took place this month in London, with Team USA leading the pact. Twenty-two year old Michal Smolen picked up a bronze medal by putting together an extremely strong performance. After these great results, the U.S. has now qualified Olympic quota spots in both the C1 Men and K1 Men’s categories. To read the original article click here. Contact Boat Rentals Fort Lauderdale where we have a large selection of jet skis, boats and kayaks for rent along with fun activities including snorkeling, parasailing, and banana boat rides. We have been providing Floridians, both permanent and temporary with rentals for 14 years, Contact Us Now!

Florida Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Spring is finally here, which means it is beginning of sea turtle nesting season in Florida. From now until October thousands of sea turtles will lay their eggs, giving Florida residents and visitors an amazing sight to see. We want to remind you that although interacting with this process may seem harmless, it may actually be extremely harmful to the sea turtles. Below are some tips on what you could do to ensure you are taking “turtle-friendly” precautions while on the beach: 1.Remain at a distance from nesting sea turtles & their hatchlings 2.Remove chairs, canopies, boats and other items from the beach at night because they block movement of turtles 3.Turn off or shield lights along the beach in order to prevent hatchlings from getting confused and going towards the light instead of the water Beach Rentals in Fort Lauderdale Enjoy a great day on the beach in Fort … Continued

Car Stuck in Flood Rescued By A Jet Ski

Jet skis are often dismissed as impractical toys with a very singular (albeit fun) purpose. Jet skis are indeed unbelievable machines designed only to cut through the water with grace, agility, and speed to pleasure the rider. However, in San Francisco, four people were rescued from a car trapped in 3 feet high with the aid of a jet ski and a rubber boat. Read the entire story here. Enjoy a great day on the Fort Lauderdale waters in an exhilarating jet ski or relax on a scenic boat tour. At Atlantic Beach Clubs, we aim to ensure that your time will with us will be one to remember. Contact us for more information.

Kawasaki Adds Some Luxury To Their Most Powerful Jet Ski

Kawasaki is a well known in the world of motorsports. Kawasaki Heavy Industries is mostly known for manufacturing motorcycles and ATVs but they also produce ships, tractors, trains, aerospace equipment, and personal watercrafts. Kawasaki has a serious need for speed and earlier this year the unveiled one of the world’s most powerful jet skis, the Ultra 310. The Ultra 310 is not for the timid as it’s 1.5 liter (1498cc) supercharged 4 cylinder engine produces an impressive 310 horsepower. As wild as this jet ski is, Kawasaki is trying to tame it a bit with the 2015 Ultra 310LX. The LX Stands For Luxury The original Kawasaki Ultra 310 already comes with some cool creature comforts like a 20.6 gallon fuel tank (that’s bigger than most cars!), electronic throttle valves for smooth power delivery, a 5 way adjustable handle, cruise control and one touch 5mph mode (for no wake zones), … Continued