Do you feel like you’re constantly running errands that never end? Amid the sea of “to-do” lists, it’s important to make sure that your true passions aren’t pushed to the back burner. Creating a bucket list brings your personal life goals into focus. Take a moment out of your busy day to write down once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’d like to entertain. Then, it’s time to execute with Atlantic Beach Clubs II. Our passion is turning watersport dreams into reality. Let us help you check items off of your bucket list today!  

A bucket list is a great launch pad to seize the day! No item can be too big or too small. If you don’t already have one started, it’s time to begin brainstorming. Create the ultimate bucket list with some tips from Vanessa Van Edwards (2015).

Why create a bucket list?

Many people have a running list of wants and wishes in their head. The trouble is translating mental thoughts into actions. Creating a tangible list brings ideas into reality. Allow yourself to daydream about events, activities, and experiences you’ve been dying to try. Good news, there are no wrong answers! 

What types of items are on a bucket list?

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Many people find that thrill-seeking activities are high on their list. Activities designed to conquer fears is another big idea generator. Here is a great list of watersport activities for everyone’s bucket list: 

How do I avoid neglecting my bucket list?

Just like anything, a bucket list is easily neglected due to the demands of everyday life. It’s up to you to make sure your adventures take hold. You’ve got a great start by creating a timeline, identifying top 3 items, and enlisting a friend.  

  • Creating a timeline for achieving bucket list items is a great way to spread out the experiences but not forget that they exist.
  • Enlisting a friend for your activities brings accountability and a teammate.
  • Once your list is created, identify your top 3 priorities. Begin by focusing your planning and execution efforts on those experiences.

Creating a bucket list is the first step towards creating the perfect work-life balance. Atlantic Beach Clubs II specializes in checking off bucket list items in Fort Lauderdale. To begin your adventure, contact us today at (954) 376-3770, or make a reservation online now

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