First-timers and enthusiasts alike will find some of the country’s best snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. In fact, both CBS Miami and USA Today have named Fort Lauderdale one of the nation’s premier snorkeling spots, and no wonder: The city’s 20 miles of white beaches borders semi-Caribbean waters so clear they allow for unparalleled visibility of sea life. Better still, snorkeling is a year-round activity in Fort Lauderdale, where average ocean temperatures in winter are 70 degrees. To be sure, snorkelers should always wear wetsuits when water temperatures drop below 72 degrees. But Fort Lauderdale’s 70-degree waters are far more conducive to a December dive than Maine’s, and those traveling to Fort Lauderdale specifically for the snorkeling can take advantage of cheaper off-season rates. Among the must-sees when snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale are dolphins and sea turtles. But snorkelers will also enjoy viewing the area’s many fish, such as the Schoolmaster and Atlantic Spadefish, which live within 300 feet from shore, as well as coral-reef inhabitants, including the Boulder Star, Great Star, Grooved Brain, Bent Sea Rod and Slimy Sea Plume. Nor should Fort Lauderdale’s visitors pass up the chance to see the coral species themselves, such as octocorals and low stony coral. Of the several dozen Fort Lauderdale companies that offer snorkeling-equipment and boat rentals, one of the best is Atlantic Beach Clubs. The company’s snorkeling trips, starting as low as $35 per hour, are reasonably priced for any budget, and snorkelers can even opt to take a nighttime trip to see species that only come out in the dark. For more information on these and other Atlantic Beach Clubs trips, please call 954-376-3770. Great Boat Tours In Fort Lauderdale Also named by the Sun Sentinel as one of Florida’s top boat-tour destinations, Fort Lauderdale is decidedly the place for leisurely meandering on the water. Part of the city’s charm, after all, lies in its Venice-like network of canals, rivers and wetlands. Added to the boat-tour possibilities the Atlantic Ocean presents, these Fort Lauderdale waterways make deciding where to take a boat tour much harder than deciding whether to take one in the first place. Of course, it can definitely help to have some idea of what’s available to the prospective boat tour taker, and of the many possibilities, one of the best is a tour through Everglades Holiday Park, which boasts a plethora of animals, including manatees and alligators. Other great trips feature onboard barbeques, glimpses of the mansions and yachts of the rich and famous, and historical tours of downtown Fort Lauderdale. As you would expect, Atlantic Beach Clubs offers several of Fort Lauderdale’s best boat tours, including its pulse-pumping water-skiing tours and its famous banana-boat tours of the Fort Lauderdale coastline. The latter of the two is one of Atlantic Beach Clubs’ signature offerings and, best of all, is perfect for entire families. For more information on this and Atlantic Beach Clubs’ other services, call 954-376-3770.