Are you this dedicated to traveling? A family decided to turn an RV into their home when they bought a fifth-wheel motor home and a GMC Sierra pickup truck. They also sold 90% of their possessions, which just shows the level of commitment towards their new lifestyle choice. Before moving into the RV they used to live in the Grand Rapids’ Heritage Hill neighborhood. Scott, the father of the family who is a web developer says: “I can work from anywhere, so why not work everywhere.”

Thus far, they have been living in Florida, the South West and the Pacific Coast. Their RV has a low level of insulation so avoiding the cold weather has been a priority. The Veltkamps have two children with ages 4 and 6 so the mother is able to provide home-schooling.

Once the Veltkamps bought the 35-foot RV they made a few changes to suit their needs. For instance, vinyl tile was installed to replace the carpet flooring for a quicker and easier cleanup. The RV has a separate office space where Scott can do his work without disruption, while the kids receive home-schooling.

Kate, the mother of the family, says that the lifestyle change has allowed the kids to explore many wildlife areas that they would have never seen before, such as the redwood forests of California and the Gulf Of Mexico.