Families all over the country make the trip to Florida to escape the cold and make some beach memories together. With that comes lots of beach fun, including water sports. One of the most popular water sports at Atlantic Beach Clubs is, of course, jet skiing! Families love taking out a jet ski and enjoying time together on the waves. However, there are some guidelines you need to know before hitting the water.

Jet Ski Safety for Children

Safety Basics

If you have small children, it’s especially important to keep the following in mind:
  • Vests need to fit comfortably, giving no more than three inches when lifted at the shoulders.
  • If your child is under 18 pounds, they cannot ride on a jet ski.
  • No child should be on board unless they can wear an appropriately-fitting PFD (personal flotation device).
  • Place small children between two responsible adults on board. Most children want to ride in the front, but this can be dangerous. 
  • The driver should be mindful of the child or children on board. No reckless turns or fast maneuvers should be taken.

In Case of Emergency

Hopefully, your ride on the waves goes smoothly and you won’t need this, but it is always best to be prepared. If your child goes overboard, the first thing to do is to stay on board but stop the jet ski or tell the driver to stop. Once they’ve stopped, look around quickly for any traffic dangers, and if there aren’t any, get into the water. Swim to the child, never taking your eyes off of him or her.

It is also important to prepare the child for emergency, so they also know the procedure. Coach them so they know that the adult riding in the back will swim to them and help them back onto the jet ski. Remind them to always keep their head above water and that the adult will do the same, to keep contact at all times.

Jet Ski Rentals

At Atlantic Beach Clubs, we greatly understand the importance of family and water safety, and the safety of our customers is our top priority. As you plan your trip to Florida, let’s all be safe and have a blast with our families! If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area and are interested in jet ski rentals or banana boat rentals, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (954) 543-2938. We look forward to hearing from you!