Parents sometimes neglect keeping kids safe at the pool because they assume it is safer in the enclosed area, and when kids aren’t told about pool safety they don’t know any better. Here are the things to consider about keeping your kids safe at the pool from the perspective of a lifeguard:

  • We don’t babysit: our job is to be responsible for all of the kids in the pool at the same time. Therefore, we cannot babysit any single child at a particular time.
  • Don’t run: you’ll find us shouting “walk!” a hundred times per day and there is a reason for that. It’s very common for overly-enthusiastic kids to slip while running and stitches are required. It will certainly dull the vacation mood if such a slip were to occur to your child.
  • We only enforce the rules: there is no need to get mad at us for a rule that you might not agree with. We are only there to enforce the rules to keep your kids safe; we don’t make the rules up.
  • Ask your kids to take a break: a lot of accidents occur when the child in question is tired from all the activities. You know your child best, and when you see them getting tired enforce a break.
  • Watch them: while we do a good job of watching all the kids in the pool we cannot do a perfect job every single time. So watch your kids at all times while in and around the pool.

Pool safety is important because most love jumping into the pool after a fun day at the beach. Looking for other family activities? Check out our website for cool options!