Thousands of sharks were spotted only a stone’s throw away from the beach of Palm Beach County. Dr. Stephen Kajiura, a FAU biological sciences professor, captured a video from bird’s eye view that shows thousands of grey dots in the water representing sharks. The sharks in question are known as grey tips. They grow up to 8ft in size and weigh in the range of 66-220 pounds. This type of shark has not led to any fatalities, but they are responsible for the majority of shark bites in Florida. It’s not uncommon for them to be found in shallow waters of beaches, coral reefs, estuaries and bays. During the summer months they migrate to cooler waters in the Massachusetts and Cape Cod areas. But there are some that prefer to remain in the warm equatorial waters all year-round. The video was a routine shoot that covers the migration of sharks along the coastline from Miami Beach North all the way to the Jupiter Inlet. The professor describes the sharks being so close together that you could throw a pebble randomly at them, and chances are you’ll hit one. Also these sharks are tend to leap out of the water, rotate in the air and then land on their backs. This isn’t for show; it’s a stealthy feeding technique that’s used to lunge at a school of fish. However, there are very few sharks further south in the Miami-Dade and Broward counties. So why are the sharks gathered in such high concentrations only within Palm Beach County? Dr. Stephen Kajiura will attempt to shed some light on the matter as he studies the migration patterns of the black tip sharks. Read the full article here. Atlantic Beach Clubs reminds you to stay safe in the water!