Listed by CBS Miami as one of the five best places to go parasailing, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., offers para-sailors the opportunity to glide high above the surface of the Atlantic, depending on weather conditions. Better still, many endangered species frequent the waters off Florida’s east coast, so those who go parasailing in Fort Lauderdale will have the chance to see sharks, dolphins and turtles, as well as the outer reef. Probably the best part of parasailing in Fort Lauderdale, though, is the adrenaline rush. Fort Lauderdale’s 20 miles of open, white-sand shoreline provides ample space for parasailing boats to reach breakneck speeds. Strapped to such boats via a tether, those parasailing in Fort Lauderdale are quickly yanked aloft by their parachutes to float to jaw-dropping heights—higher than New York’s Empire State Building. Then, as their boats slow, para-sailors drop for a refreshing, post-adventure dip in the ocean. Of course, for those afraid of a little water, many Fort Lauderdale parasailing companies offer dry parasailing, in which para-sailors return directly to the boat. This option might be great if you’re trying to preserve a perm, but it’s hardly as much fun. Literally dozens of companies offer parasailing in Fort Lauderdale, but at Atlantic Beach Clubs, we’ve built a reputation on providing safe yet memorable parasailing tours. Our boats will take para-sailors high above sea level for 10- to 15-minute romps among the seagulls. Those interested in learning more about our Fort Lauderdale parasailing tours are encouraged to call (954) 376-3770. Kayaking In Fort Lauderdale Kayaking might not sound as exciting as parasailing, but kayaking in Fort Lauderdale turns that assumption on its head. In fact, as “America’s Venice,” Fort Lauderdale is crisscrossed by so many rivers, streams and canals that even the most intrepid kayakers will find days of adventure in and around the city. But for the best kayaking experience Fort Lauderdale can offer, visitors should head to the mangrove swamps in Everglades Holiday Park, which is west of the city. These pristine wetlands are home to innumerable species of fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals, including manatees and alligators. And yet, many of these species are as endangered as they are dangerous, so animal-loving Fort Lauderdale kayakers are best advised to be cautious when they spot such animals. Just as with parasailing, Atlantic Beach Clubs also offers kayaking. Whereas our parasailing tours only last up to 15 minutes, kayakers can stay out all day, and our customers even have the option of renting double-seated kayaks. For more information on these and other adventure options, readers are encouraged to contact us directly by calling (954) 376-3770.