Well, summer vacation is officially here for many kids across the U.S., and we all know what that means—lots of summer sunshine and fun on the water! Long, lazy days filled with quality time on boats, jet skis, paddleboards, and more. Our team at Atlantic Beach Clubs II understands what summer means to kids and teens, and we love providing the boats and gear needed to make lifetime memories. If you’re considering getting your recently-“freed” kids on the water, keep reading!

At Atlantic Beach Clubs II in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, we offer all kinds of boat rentals, parasailing, paddleboards, and more. Below are some of our most popular activities, so take a look, and start planning!

Boat Rides & Tours

South Florida is the perfect place to kick back on a boat with some friends and enjoy the day. Whether you want a deck boat, a ski boat, a fishing boat, or a boat tour, we can take care of you with our boat rentals!

Stand-Up Paddleboards

Join in on this wildly popular watersport! Stand-up paddleboarding is relaxing and offers scenic views from a whole new angle. Why not try this unique way to hang out on the water by asking us about our stand-up paddleboard rentals?

Photo credit: public domain via expedia.com

Jet Ski Rentals & Tours

Jump on one of the newest waverunners around and have a blast! You can have your kids ride as passengers for extra family adventure. There’s nothing like riding the waves through the wind on the Ft. Lauderdale waters! We also offer jet ski tours with experienced and knowledgeable guides.

Kayak Rentals

For family members who may want to take it a little easy, kayaks are perfect! Relaxing, peaceful, and fun, renting a kayak is a great way to explore and get a little exercise. You can set your own pace and discover all kinds of things along the way. This is a great activity for small kids!


Ready for a high-flying adventure? Adults and kids alike love the thrill of parasailing. Florida is the perfect place to parasail and check out the majestic views. Our parasailing experts are highly trained to provide an incredibly safe, fun, and memorable time soaring in the air!


No matter what your favorite summertime water sport is, Atlantic Beach Clubs II has you covered. Come see us and have a blast! Feel free to contact us at (954) 376-3770 to make reservations or ask any questions!