If you are looking for an exciting adventure while visiting Fort Lauderdale this summer, why not try snorkeling? Fort Lauderdale has been named in the Top Five Places To Dive in North America by the readers of Scuba Diving Magazine, and is the perfect location to start exploring the ocean with family and friends. Fort Lauderdale has the largest number of dive sites along the coast of Southeast Florida with over 100 reef and wreck sites. During your snorkeling adventures you will encounter a number of tropical fish, oceanic plants, and plenty of sea life. Hundreds of dive sites exist, and over 75 artificial reefs have been placed on the floor of the ocean over the past 20 years as magnets for fish and other reef life. Some of the best snorkel sites can be found in southern Florida. These sites vary in location and depth, but all provide an interesting look into the underwater world.

Top Three Southern Florida Snorkeling Sites

  1. Suzanne’s Ledge: This ledge, located at Pompano Beach,  is 15-30 feet deep. Normally, there is very little current, making it safer for less experienced divers. Start at the north or south end and follow the eastern ledge. As you venture west on Suzanne’s Ledge, be sure to look for clusters of staghorn coral.
  2. Pompano Drop-Off: The Pompano Drop-Off runs parallel to the shore and is 15-33 feet deep.  There is usually little to no current, which makes for a leisurely snorkeling experience. You can find nice ledges and holes to explore along the west side. The Pompano Drop-Off is covered with marine species, but try following the eastern ledge for the best scenic tour.  If you are lobster hunting, try looking for them along the western holes and ledges.
  3. The Nursery: The Nursery is 15-33 feet deep and got its name from the family of nurse sharks that live there. There are large undercut ledges, which are great for exploring. Hundreds of other fish will also surround you. The Nursery has been featured on many television shows and magazines and has been called the best shallow dive in Southeast Florida.
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