There is a reason why Florida is a popular vacation destination; it has a tropical climate with beautiful white sand beaches that leave people in awe. Anyone who plans a trip to Florida always comes back satisfied and the activities provide quality entertainment that you cannot get anywhere else. If you’re thinking of places to go for your spring vacation, a trip to South Florida should make your list right along with the plethora of cool activities that you can do there.

It might seem like its too early to be talking about spring right now but a good vacation requires proper planning. If you start planning your spring vacation right now, you are guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy your time. There are activities that need to be booked and budgeted for well in advance. Yes, you can go to the beach and just hang out like everyone else but why not save up right now and engage in some of the most memorable activities the holiday resorts have to offer. Atlantic Beach Clubs has some really interesting activities that can make your spring break worthwhile; here are some of the Vacation ideas that can make your upcoming spring vacation memorable:

Parasailing in Fort Lauderdale

Parasailing is an adrenaline filled, once in a lifetime experience that can make your vacation worthwhile. If you want to experience one of the most thrilling South Florida life events then you should save up for this incredible activity. Atlantic Beach Clubs offers different packages for individuals, families, couples and groups. The birds-eye view across the ocean is remarkable and guaranteed to leave you with a story to tell for years to come.


You will not hear many people saying they went snorkeling, it is a rare but exciting vacation event that you can try out if you are into having a unique vacation. Snorkeling with the experienced Atlantic Beach Clubs team comes with a boat ride trip into the rare and most amazing parts of the Atlantic Ocean. You can spend the day diving into some shallow parts of the ocean and watch marine life with your own eyes. There is a lot to see down in the underwater world and the boat ride makes it even more enjoyable.

Boat ride rentals

If you are heading out on your vacation as a group, you should consider renting a cool boat ride with an experienced guide to show you around the South Florida beach. The advantage with hiring a boat ride is that there are many activities that you can engage in during the ride. For example, you could bring along a stereo and have a small party with your group of friends right on the Atlantic. Those who like tans and sun basking can enjoy some quality time on the deck of the boat ride too. You can even go fishing if you like, the options are endless. Atlantic Beach Clubs has the following boat rides for hire:

There are many other cool vacation ideas especially if Florida is your targeted destination. All you need to do is start planning ahead of time and you will have the vacation of your life!