If you are enjoying spending your days on a jet ski rental or parasailing, why not try another exciting Florida adventure: swimming with manatees. Crystal River Watersports  offers tourists a variety of different options when looking to swim with these creatures. If you are staying in the Fort Lauderdale area, we recommend you make the four-hour-drive and spend the day at Crystal River Watersports swimming with manatees.

All About Manatees

Manatees, also called sea cows, spend half their time sleeping in the water. These 450 – 1300 pound water mammals are endangered and found mainly in the regions of Africa, South America, Central America, and the southern waters of the United Sates. They are very slow moving, curious by nature, and mild-mannered. Because of their looks, they have been called the elephants of the sea.

Crystal River Watersports Manatee Tours

Crystal River Watersports has been family-owned and operated for the past 18 years. Here you can snorkel with the manatees, swim with the manatees, or view them from the boat. It doesn’t matter if you are swimming with them or on a boat, they will be close enough for you to reach out and pet. This makes it perfect for people of all ages. A variety of different manatee tours are available. These tours go different places and for different amounts of time. Be sure to check with Crystal River for all your options.

Other Florida Activities: Jet Ski Rentals

When you arrive back in Ft. Lauderdale after swimming with the manatees, take a day to try your hand at jet skiing. Jet ski rentals in Fort Lauderdale make another fun day for everyone, so contact Atlantic Beach Clubs today. Also ask about our five jet ski tour routes, where an expert rides with you to show you all that Florida has to offer. From slow sightseeing jet ski tours to fast-paced, wave-riding adventures, Atlantic Beach Clubs will lead you toward an unforgettable experience. Our slow-paced sightseeing tours are great for families and couples. Atlantic Beach Clubs serves the entire Fort Lauderdale area with jet ski rentals and jet ski tours. Our jet skis are some of the newest models available, and our prices are some of the cheapest, making us the easiest jet ski rental and boat rental company to deal with in all of Florida. Our prices are lower because our sole purpose is to provide you with the most thrilling experience you can have out on the ocean. Contact us at 954-376-3770 to make a jet ski rental or jet ski tour reservation.