Just last summer Mary Mangiapia was celebrating achieving her master’s degree from University of South Florida, today she is now the first woman to complete Florida’s saltwater paddling trail which starts at Pensacola and ends at Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach and cover the entire coast of Florida.

The Journey

The complete 1,500-mile journey took Mary three months to complete while being equipped with 130lbs of equipment that ranged from camping gear to safety equipment such as flares and a hypothermia kit. She experienced the full extent of Florida’s diverse environment as she traveled pass the areas that were urban along with the wild area that had acres of protected coastal lands, all while braving waves that reached height of up to 10-feet. Originally planned to be a solo trip, but during her three month journey she was often accompanied by other marine life or kayakers. Her travel companions ranged from the dolphins that escorted her kayak the bull sharks that took interest in her shiny rudder fin and even took a bite, as Mary discovered on her next stop. Mary began kayaking at the age of nine and has been encouraged by her family and has loved it ever since. Read more about Mary’s Florida adventure here

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