Independently owned and operated since 1995, Atlantic Beach Clubs II is the premier boat rental location for vacationers and Florida residents alike. We offer one of the largest selections of rental boats in the Fort Lauderdale area. Contact us at (954) 543-2938 today for more information.

Deck Boats

A deck boat is the perfect option for those with larger groups and aspirations. With an extended bow that seats 13 or more, a deck boat can accommodate a more people than a ski boat. Aren’t comfortable driving the boat? Leave the navigating to us and we’ll match you up with your own private captain. Enjoy a carefree afternoon in the Atlantic Ocean while soaking up the South Florida sunshine.

Even if you don’t catch anything, at least you’ll enjoy a relaxing day away from the busy pace of Fort Lauderdale on your rental boat!

Contact Us to Reserve Your Boat!

Atlantic Beach Clubs offers boat rentals to those of legal operating age. Boating licenses can be obtained as a lifetime license from PWC Safety School, or as a temporary one-year license from Atlantic Beach Clubs. Contact us at (954) 543-2938 today for more information on our rental boats.