For an experience of a lifetime, Atlantic Beach Clubs II offers personal watercraft and jet ski rentals at a price that is worth your while. Safely take on the thrill of riding some of the newest waverunners on the Ft Lauderdale waters, and you’ll have a story for the ages. To check availability, call (954) 543-2938 (Alhambra) or (954) 376-3770 (South Beach Park).
Fort Lauderdale Jet Ski Rentals

Yamaha™ Jet Ski Rentals

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110hp 4-stroke engines • 1-2 Passenger Capacity Includes: side mirrors, speedometers, storage compartments, reverse capabilities. Read more about the Yamaha Waverunner

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$65 $95
Along with rental jet skis, we also provide vacationers and residents in Fort Lauderdale with ski, fishing, and deck boat rentals for partying, parasailing, and SUPs services. Contact us today at (954) 543-2938 (Alhambra) or (954) 376-3770 (South Beach Park) for more information and to check availability.

With dozens of jet skis and waverunners to choose from, Atlantic Beach Clubs has one of the most diverse selections of personal watercraft rentals in all of Fort Lauderdale. Also, each of our jet skis is a newer model and serviced regularly by experts to ensure the safety of all of our customers. The best day of your vacation or weekend may be just around the corner, so gather your friends and family to make the most of your time on the ocean.

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Rent a jet ski from Atlantic Beach Clubs and dive into some fun and relaxation on the sea. Although we do not require reservations, we recommend you call in advance to make sure a jet ski is available for you or your group of friends. To top it off, there is no deposit to reserve a jet ski or waverunner. This makes us one of the easiest companies to do business with in Fort Lauderdale.

Please note that all jet ski drivers must be 14 years of age or older, although passengers can be any age. If born after  January 1st, 1988, you must have a valid boater’s license to operate and drive a jet ski. You can obtain a lifetime boater’s license at PWC Safety School, or grab yourself a temporary one-year license from Atlantic Beach Clubs when you rent a jet ski. To check availability, call (954) 543-2938 (Alhambra) or (954) 376-3770 (South Beach Park).