Navigating the open waters on a jet ski is a thrilling experience that many people enjoy recreationally in Fort Lauderdale. Motorcycle riders often say that the two-wheeled experience cannot be replicated and the same goes for a riding personal watercraft.

Similar to a motorcycle, jet skis are loud, powerful, fast, and very maneuverable. Not even a speed boat can match the sense of speed or the agility of a jet ski. Just like any motor vehicle or boat, precaution and care must be taken when operating a jet ski.

Safe Jet Ski Riding

Safety Tips

Be Aware

The most important thing to remember when you are riding a jet ski is that you must always be aware of your surroundings. The ocean may seem huge (and it is) but you are not the only one who enjoys it. There may be other jet skis, boats, and people swimming where you are and staying alert is essential so you can anticipate any sudden maneuvers to avoid an accident or collision. Pay close attention to markers, speed limit signs, and no wake signs.

No Drinking

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs when operating any kind of vehicle is not only illegal, it is also dangerous. This rule ties in with awareness as your judgment and reaction time is significantly impaired when you are under the influence. You can’t be fully alert if you are intoxicated and operating a jet ski requires that you are completely aware of what is in or going to be in your vicinity.

Be Responsible

Reading and listening to an instructor does not mean you are professional jet ski rider. Be responsible and respect the fact that anything can happen on the water. Aggressive turns, full throttle speeding, jumping wakes, and not giving others enough space can cause accidents which may lead to serious injuries. 50 mph may not seem very fast on land but on the water this is an extremely fast speed. Know your limits and abilities as well as the limits of the jet ski when out on the water.

Your Jet ski instructor at Atlantic Beach Clubs of Fort Lauderdale will go over safety precautions with you before you set out on the water. You will be required to wear a personal flotation device or life jacket. Instructions for getting back on a jet ski in the event that it flips over will be explained to you. Like any other type of sport, accidents can happen while on a jet ski. Following these tips along with advice from our instructors will ensure that you have fun in a safe manner. Contact us for more information.